Hello from Western Australia   (or as we say Gday from W.A.)
I am new to the IGS Robin and am wondering if there any other Australians
contributing .
I live 20kms east of our capital, Perth,  in the Darling Ranges.  It feels
strange hearing of snow and cold temps. when we are having 35C - 40C days
here (95F - 104F) . I imagine our climate would be similar to that it
It has been unusually  humid lately and I have lost several plants with
stem rot.
I am a member of the International geranium Society, the W.A. G&P Society,
and the Australian Geranium Society and I attended the National Conference
in Victoria in 1995   ( 3 000 odd kms from here).
I now concentrate on Zonals.  Because of a back injury I have had to cut
down the number of plants. I do have a few geraniums  and regals in the
garden area but all of my zonals are in pots and in shade houses.
(Polycarbonate roofs with shade cloth put over for summer).  My pots are
all on 3ft high benches, to save bending.
At the moment I am having problems with ants, which get into through the
base of the pot and lay masses of eggs. I suspect that they also carry the
root mealy bug from pot to pot. Spraying with Diazinon doesnt seem to
affect the ants so I have sent a few samples off to our Dept of Agriculture
for classification.
It was good to get the new address for Silverhill Seeds,  also for
Deerwood.  I met Fay Brawner at the Conference and would like to get one of
her catalogues.
  bye for now
     Joan Steele

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