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This is the first time I've used this particular program, so please have
patience.  My name is Cynthia Lohry and I'm inputting this from San Diego,
California.  I think we've had it a bit warmer than you as it's been around 70
during the day and dropping down into the 50s at night.  Don't laugh, but it
actually seems chilly to us, and I've got the heat on as I type this in.  The
big excitement in San Diego lately seems to be the SuperBowl.  Normally I
wouldn't have noticed, but they closed off the street that I normally drive on
when I go to work in the morning.  Things like that get your attention.  And
my husband has staked out a claim on the couch, the television remotes, and
the contents of the fridge.  That also gets one's attention.

I'm a member of the San Diego Geranium Society.  In fact this year I was
elected their president, as well as editor of the newsletter.  Amazing things
can happen when you leave the room to get a fresh Pepsi!  We're a medium sized
group, with 104 active members on our roster.  We're very fortunate to have
both Jerry Stewart, of New Leaf Nursery, and Carol Roller, of Carol's Blue
Geranium, among our members.  We meet once a month at Balboa Park, which is
next to the San Diego Zoo.  In the summer the zoo is open late and  we like to
go walking at the zoo before our meeting starts.  I was quite impressed with
the pandas, but I have great hopes of travelling far enough one day to see a

I also belong to the IGS, and have been nominated for the Board of Directors,
which I'm finding to be rather exciting.  I went to my second board meeting
last weekend and got to meet more of the people whose names I had heard, but I
hadn't met previously.

I started my collection by growing scented pelargoniums, and ended up ripping
out my lawn to make room for more of them.  Then, Carol Roller got me started
on angels, and that's pretty much been my focus since then.  I particularly
like the ones that have lemon scented leaves.  And it seems that anything
propagated by Jay Kapac immediately soars to the top of my list of favorites.
I saw him at the board meeting and he's working on an angel with red blooms.
Among those he has already done, I particularly like Jer'Rey and Jay's Angel.
Among the non-Kapacs, I like Swedish Angel and Sancho Panza.  I tend to end up
with any pelargoniums that bloom in the apricot and soft coral range, so I do
have some zonals.  I'm hoping to get "Shimmer" from Fay Brawner later this
year to add to my collection.  I saw it pictured in one of the books in our
club library and just fell in love with it.  It's such a soft peach/apricot it
seems to have a silver shimmer around it.

Anyway, I have to get back to the more mundane things like laundry and dishes,
or there won't be anything to wear or eat off of tomorrow.  If you get a
chance, e-mail me back and let me know if you have any angels amongst your


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