Re: [IGS]

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Cindi,
I'm not Joan but I am an official greeter around here so Greetings :-) .

Your working that new program just fine. Keep up the good work.

I started out on scenteds myself and mow have gone to the harder
addictions :-) . Just discovered angels when I ordered Sancho Panza,
Spring Park, and Catford Bell to fill out an order from Deerwood last
year (Well if you call "filling out an order" as ending up ordering 5
more than the minimum <G>) . Of those 3, I find Spring Park to be the
most fragrant but I have to admit that I have seen none of them bloom
yet. Sancho Panza was about to bloom before I had to bring it end for
the winter and the buds fell off then but I expect to make a comeback
soon. They have all been growing quite well in the windows so far and I
am sure as the daylaght hours get longer, they will be happier. (Sun has
been scarce this year and I am surprized they are growing as well as
they are.)

Turning on the heat when it turns 70. What can I say....... I usually
don't turn on the heat until the outside temp dips into the 40's in the
fall . By then the residual heat from the summer has worn off and it
does start to get a little chilly. Hope you never have to tranplant into
the upper midwest. I think you would develop hypothermia quite fast :-)

Well better  call it a day.

Dale Neil (zone 5 ILL)

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