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In my own defense, I would like to clarify that it's in the 70s during the
day, and much, much colder at night -- well into the 60s, 50s, even the 40s.
(I was going to try to use some lower figures there, but didn't think I'd get
away with it!)  Ok, I've acclimated and become a So Cal softie.  I'm
originally from the southwestern corner of MI, an itty-bitty town called
Buchanan, about 15 minutes from the Indiana border.   The next time I fly
home, I plan to fly into Chicago and  detour to the nursery in Batavia on my
way back to MI.  The last time I was home I found a gorgeous green and white
var. zonal in a greenhouse, and was really excited when they said that they
did have some 4" pots coming on and I could purchase one.  When I asked what
the name was though, they told me it was, '"you know, the green and white
geranium".  (I took it home, compared and contrasted, took it to Jerry Stewart
at a meeting for confirmation, and it turned out to be Catalina which had been
grown in enough shade to make it very, very pale.)

I'm gathering as much information as possible about angels.  Could you please
let me know what type of  soil mix you are using, what size pots you are
growing in, your weather conditions, and the results you are getting?  I'm
compiling data on the various methods used with what success rates with
angels, particularly re propagation from cuttings.  Your input regarding how
they react to colder weather would be most welcome, as we really don't have
much in the way of cold weather.  The one spell we did have last year caused
most of my angels to get a reddish cast to their leaves that took a couple
weeks to dissipate.

Realizing that I have to leave the house and be on my way to work has also
made me realize that having to deal with the rush hour in our daily commutes
automatically means that no So. Californian could possibly be a softie.  We
are lean, mean geranium-purchasing machines!!  Just so you know what to look


1.  You've bought a plant because the name on the label was misspelled -- just
in case it really was something different.

2.  You arrange your potted plants in towers like empty Tupperware on a shelf.

3.  You find yourself on-line at 7 am when you should be getting ready for

-- wait, that was NOT my original #3, but the point is well taken.  It was
good chatting with you.  Happy geraniuming.


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