Greetings from Chicago,

Thank you for the welcome, Dale and all.  Yes, I am from Chicago and
have lived here all my life.  I'm envious of Cynthia who lives near to
Balboa Park and San Diego zoo.  Visited there once a long time ago and
remember it to be very beautiful.

To tell a little about myself, I grow a few hardy geraniums, about 3 or
4.  I grow quite a variety of plants, including ferns, jasmines,
gesneriads and pelargoniums.  I especially like pelargoniums with fancy
flowers such as Mr. Wren and painted ladies, scented leaf pelargoniums,
and fancy leaf zonals.  Don't have a large growing area so the number of
plants I can grow is limited (also have to think about room to winter
them over and the time to take care of them).  My husband built a pond
in our back yard this year, so my growing are became even smaller.

What are angels and night scented pelargoniums?

I am new to the Internet and e-mail so this is a learning experience for
me.  E-mail is so much better than Round Robin letters.

I am looking forward to corresponding with all of you, and excited to be
communicating with someone as far away as Australia!  Joan, your ant
problem sounds like a tough one.  I grow a lot of things in pots on my
patio for the summer.  I cut a piece of fiberglass window screen and
place it over the hole in the bottom of the pot before I put the soil
in.  This seems to be pretty effective keeping various bugs out, but
don't know if it would work with something as small as ants.  Old nylon
stockings cut up also work for this purpose.  I would think that they
could also enter from the top of the pot.

Esther Detlefsen
Chicago, IL

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