I tried to send this in earlier and it bounced back sayiny there was
an address error so I will try it again. It seems hit and miss
sometimes as to what goes through and what doesn't from this end. I
sent 2 other replies with this that all got posted. Hmmm..... well
here we go.

Hi Joan,

It's good to hear from an Australian geranium lover. I don't recall
anyone else having been a part of the IGS Robin from there yet but
spread the word and we will have more. (I have seen from my surfing
WWW that there seems to be more than adequate supply of networks
your way so I imagine there might be more like you that would enjoy

Humid there? Hmmm..... I was hearing that because of El Nino, You
were experiencing almost Drought conditions. Did I misunderstand that?

Summer here on the upper Mississippi river get quite humid sometimes,

and I experience my share of fungus trying to take over at time. If
catch a "black leg" condition setting in, I sometimes can get it
control by rubbing the stem with sliced garlic and allowing the
to rest cut up on the soil surface (I usually take a few tip
for back up incase that doesn't work. I've been surprised how that
but I find I have to catch it early. (I keep a supply of powdered
around also.) It's kind of frustrating at times because in the
heat (much like what you are experiencing) the soil also dries out
quickly thus I have a tendency to over water. I imagine you can
to that.
Hopefully You can get the ants under control. I wonder if they
causing damage to your root systems rather than having a root mealy
problem. Let us know what you find out from your Dept. Of Ag.

Enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to post often.

Dale Neil (Zone 5 ILL)

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