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Hi Cindi,

> In my own defense, I would like to clarify that it's in the 70s during
the day,
> and much, much colder at night -- well into the 60s, 50s, even the 40s
. (I was
> going to try to use some lower figures there, but didn't think I'd get
> with it!)
<chuckle> Keep talking <BG>.

> the southwestern corner of MI, an itty-bitty town called Buchanan,
about 15
> minutes from the Indiana border.
My, you have drifted a ways haven't you. At least you have good strong
background in Midwest living.

>The next time I fly home, I plan to fly into
> Chicago and  detour to the nursery in Batavia on my way back to MI.
The last
That would probably be Shady Hill Nursery. I have never been there but
look forward to going sometime. They used to have quite a mail order
business but have discontinued that aspect recently. When I sent for a
catalog, they sent a very nice letter inviting me to visit them. After
you visit, let me know your opinion of the place (Batavia is about a 2.5
hour drive form my place so I don't get up that way as often as I like)

> let me know what type of  soil mix you are using, what size pots you
> growing in, your weather conditions, and the results you are getting?
Well, the potting mix I use for all my geraniums consist of 1 part
Standard all purpose potting mix (like Hyponex) to 2 parts spaghnum moss
and 1/2 part perlite. I find this brings the PH to about 6.5 and has
very good drainage. The Angels I have now have been in 4 inch plastic
nursery pots for the last 6 months and will be repotted to 6 or 8 inch
pots soon. They have almost developed a bonsai look in the pots that I
have them in now. I have been also planning to take cuttings in the next
week (esp of Spring Park) and will let you know how that goes. One is in
a south window and the other 2 are in a west window and there seems to
be no noticable growth difference between the 2 locations right now but
as I said in a previous message, we have had sun shining on maybe 30% of
the days this winter so I am quite surprised at how well the plants are
doing. I give them a half strength fertizing solution almost every
watering. I brought them in when the night temps started dropping to 40
and I didn't notice any problems with leaf color changes . One thing I
might say here because it might make a difference as to how the plants
respond to stress. Whenever I repot a plant and occasionally throughout
the growing season, I give the plants a dose of kelp concentrate, I've
seen this work wonders as a growth stabilizer.  Maybe it will even help
them respond to the dog eating them :-)  . I will keep you posted at any
further developments.

> 1.  You've bought a plant because the name on the label was misspelled
-- just
> in case it really was something different.
Or even it has a name like "that green and white geranium" ;-)
I have to watch this because I've seen so much mislabling around here. I
have supplied a local grower with a few scenteds this summer and when I
showed her my 'Fruity' scented geranium. She got this far away look and
said hmmm... I think I will call this one 'Fruit Juicy' (we were talking
about it having a scent like Juicy Fruit gum) . I looked at her and
questioned that; to which she replied "As much as I hate to admit it,
cutesy sells" <sigh> 'Fruity' is cutesy enough in my book. (watch me see
a plant called 'Fruit Juicy' in the future and buy it thinking I have a
new plant <BG>) .

> me realize that having to deal with the rush hour in our daily
> automatically means that no So. Californian could possibly be a softie
.  We are
> lean, mean geranium-purchasing machines!!  Just so you know what to
look for,
AHHHH.... but do you realize that all of those exhaust fumes make people
temperature sensitive <chuckle> .

How are you coping with the Super Bowl preparations? Just gather all
your plants together in front of the TV.  Opps Maybe not, Your dog might
think they are part of the Super Bowl snacks. We will have a Super Bowl
of sorts here this spring. 40,000 + women bowlers will swoop down on the
Quad Cities for  the WBA National Tournament. We have been preparing for
it for the last 12 months. While it isn't quite as big event as your
Super Bowl, I think we will have to make quite a few plans around it for
about 2-3 weeks. More on that another day.

Hope all is well. Thanks for the preview of your article. I will be
looking forward to it.


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