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> Date: Friday, 23-Jan-98 02:35 PM
> From: Lichen                   \ Internet:    (

> It is very easy to make a typo in the address.  These are the majority
> address errors unless there are too many "hops" from your server to
the SJU
> server.  The program at SJU is very reliable.
> So you are doing the right thing...if at first you don't succeed, try
> and try again. <smile>
> Kindest regards,
> Lichen

Thanks for the reply Lichen,
In this case, it's doubtful that a typo is the problem since I tranfer
the address directly from my Email address book to the message just the
same with each message. (I have to do this since the offline reader I
have doesn't seem to want to reply to the list.. only the individual).
I suppose that "hops" from Prodigy certainly isn't out of the question.
It was a little odd since I had submitted 3 messages at the same time
and only one was effected.
I have noticed something "unique" with this mail reader. If I have saved
a message to send with the address of the original submitter, than go
back and change it, resaving the message, it gets sent somewhere other
than the list. (To others in the list: IF you don't get a copy of your
own message in your mailbox sometime after you send it, It didn't make
it to the IGSRobin unless you have requested that the list server not
send your messages back.)

Well Lichen, I appreciate your watching out for the technical side of
the list.


PS I just had this happen again where my messages disappeared and now I
am sending all three of them again.

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