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Hi Esther,

> What are angels and night scented pelargoniums?

Angels have been around for a while but are getting quite a renewal of
attention lately. They are crosses between a scented leaf Pelargonium
(many times Lemon Crispum is used) and any  Regal Pelargonium. Many will
have fragrant leaves and regal blooms. Others will have the leaf form of
the scented and a regal type bloom.  I have no firsthand experience with
Night Scented Pelargoniums. It's my understanding that they have very
fragrant blooms that open at night. Maybe Robin or another member of the
List can help us understand this grouping.

> (also have to think about room to winter them over and the time to
take care of
> them).
Boy I can relate to that. This last fall I pledged to only bring in
cuttings of my 45+ scenteds next year except for a few of my favorites
that have turned into quite good sized standards. Time will tell if I
can keep that pledge :-)  . Imagine not having to have that to worry
about like our friends in California but then they have a few more pest
problems than we do in this area.

> I am new to the Internet and e-mail so this is a learning experience
for me.
> E-mail is so much better than Round Robin letters.
Yes, this is really a fine way to communicate fast. Glad you are
enjoying the learning experience. Feel free to write whenever you like.


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