Re: [IGS] Welcome

I live in the high desert region of Eastern Oregon.  I am Postmaster of
Paisley, Oregon...population about 360 fine souls.  My husband and I are
cattle ranchers----we raise your great beef steaks, proudly, I might
add!!  I love geraniums.  For me they are the best summer plant.
Mostly, I have mine on the deck in pots.  Some I plant in the ground on
the north side of the house where they are protected.  I do winter over
in the cellar with some plants.  My mother taught me to just dig them
up, shake the dirt and hang upside down in the cellar for the winter.
So, I do that.  I have mainly zonals and hanging ivys...with one regal
inside.  The south end of our home faces the south.  In the autumn I
chop the plants back severly, bring them inside, water once a week.
After a while I give them a dose of fertilizer and now have beautiful
flowers.  I clipped the hanging ivys the other day to try to make them
more bushy. And, nicer when I can hang them outside.  I usually get
excited too early in mid-May and put the plants outside.  Then we have a
lot of execise in plant rearrangment.  From outside to inside!!  I can
safely put the plants out just after the first of June.
We ususally have one more cold snap, but seldom does it freeze then.
Out altitude is 4360, with an average moisture drop of the equilivant of
10 inches.
Take Care.....Diane

DALE NEIL wrote:
> -- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> > Thank you for the welcome.   But, my name is Diane.  Have happy,
> geranium day!!
> >
> oppppsss. Now I am confused. I thought I was replying to an Esther
> Detlefsen. Are you from the Chicago area? How did Esther's name appear
> here?
> You are most certainly welcome and a great happy geranium day to you
> also :-) .
> Dale

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