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I actually participated in the SuperBowl festivities here in San Diego
yesterday.  My husand saw a small article in the paper that they were having a
cheese eating contest at the Hyatt Hotel where the first prize was a years
supply of free cheese from Land of Lakes.  Being a typical Navy man who can
really pack away his food quickly when the need arises, he decided to enter.
We were running a bit late because of the heavier traffic and arrived just as
the sign in started, so he dropped me off at the entrance and went to park the
truck.  When I went to sign him up, they told me that I could sign him up only
if I signed up myself, as they wanted more female contestants to sign up so
they had more names to draw from.  The actual contest was going to consist of
6 men and 6 women.  Due to temporary insanity, I agreed and filled out both
entry forms.  An hour later, my husband's name was not called, but mine was,
and I found myself wearing a complimentary Cheddar Bowl t-shirt, wearing a
large foam cheese hat, gnawing away at a 1 pound block of sharp cheddar in an
effort to cram it down my throat in 10 minutes.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  I
thought I could polish that puppy off and still have time to brush and floss
before the buzzer rang.  WRONG!  I got 12 oz of water and wasn't able to break
off chunks or cut the cheese into bite size pieces, it was "pick it up in both
hands and gnaw like a rodent" time.  Mind you, during this entire event, there
were hundreds of people gathered around, yelling and cheering and egging us
on.  I didn't win, and I have new respect for mice who apparently can wolf
that cheese down in rapid order, but I did come in third.   And I am the proud
owner of a cheese hat that I earned the hard way.  I think my husband's going
to take it to work to show his friends next week.  I've never entered a
contest like that before, and I can't say that I will do it again, but it
really was a lot of fun.  I can't believe I did it, but I have the cheese hat
for proof.  The contest sponsors think it might even be televised, so I will
have video proof of my cheese eating prowness.  And I don't think I'm going to
eat cheese again in the next couple of months!

This afternoon my husband, cheese hat firmly on his head, will be watching the
big game in the living room while I pot up my angels in the back garden.  I've
put plant benches around the swimming pool so that they have more direct sun.
During the summer I have to keep them under shade cloth so they don't burn and
wither away into crispy critters.  Do you move your angels outdoors during the
warmer months?

You're the first person I've talked with who uses that particular mix for
angels.  I'm going to pick up some spaghnum moss and plant a couple test pots
to see how they fare.

What fertilizer do you use?   And could you elaborate on using kelp
concentrate as a "growth stabilizer"?

While waiting for the Cheddar Bowl to begin, Clark and I worked out a little
geranium ditty.  You can tell he has a military background just from the
cadence.  I'm not happy with the opening line, though.  Any suggestions?

Angels, angels are the word
Grown in pots, light soil preferred
Blooms are lush, and leaves are green
Overall size is in between

Flowers range from dark to light
In full bloom, they're quite a sight
Minor cold spell tints leaves red
Too much water makes them dead

Likes partial sun, or bright shade
Too much sun, the blooms will fade
Too much shade, the buds do fall
Litty bitty pot, the plants stay small

Too much heat, the plants do droop
Give them water, they'll recoup
Too much cold makes buds fall
Send 'em to CA, I love them all

Some are scented, some are not
Always want more than what I got

And just think, that was before I went on my "cheese high"!

Cheddarly yours,


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