[IGS] Geographical location of "Robineers"

Being a newcomer, could someone let me know what geographical range we are all
e-mailing in from?  I read in the GATW that there were 54 subscribers at the
time of the last publishing, and I'm wondering where we are from.

I'm hoping to gather info as to what angels are available in other countries,
particularly England and Australia if someone can help me with that.

Also, I can't seem to get online with the other geranium societies. Does
anyone have their e-mail addresses?  All I've been able to call up is their
"cover page" with no information behind it, and that doesn't seem right.  I'm
thinking I either have the address incorrectly input or I have a bug in my
system.  I'm hoping I just am using an incorrect address.

Regards to all,


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