[IGS] internet addresses

Hi Cindi,
Thought I would send this off quick and jot something else later.
I don't know what your resources are as far as Web Browsers go but
most of the web home pages have an Email address icon. I am trying to
put together a list of Web addresses that would be of interest to
geranium  enthusiast and as I progress, I will post it here.

The British and European Geranium Society has a Web page at
http://www computalynx.co.uk/~fritzjohn/
Their Email address is fitzjohn@wildnet.co.uk

The Royal Botanical Gardens,Kew web site is at http://www.rbgkew.org.
uk/     They have additional links from that site.

An Australian Site that might interest you is http://www.users.
bigpond.com/SCRIVEN   This is a sight of a well informed individual
who has snail mail addresses for almost every international and
Australian societies and clubs. He (Alby) has been asking for more
contact addresses so I imagine as he finds them, they will be posted.

I'm not aware of any other subscribed news groups like this one
although I had heard of attempts to put together one in England a
while back. If I hear anything else on that, I will let you know.
Maybe on of the other members has more info on that.
Hopefully I have keyed in all these addresses right. If you have
trouble with any of them, let me know and I will recheck them.  (you
should have seen what all the addresses did to my spell checker <G>)
I'm go through the online service Prodigy for now. I have been a
member there for around 4 years now but have been considering the
possibility of joining up with a local net server in the future
because there are quite a few rumors going around that Prodigy
Classic will only be around until the end of the year as they convert
to Prodigy Internet. There will be alot of unhappy campers if that
does happen.
Well Miss Cheesehead :-) . I don't think I could have done any better
with the contest but it does sound like an exciting event. Too bad
your Hubby couldn't participate.

Don't touch that remote <G>.

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