Re: [IGS] Cheeseheads :-)

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Well Cindi,

I didn't see you on the TV but then I wasn't watching every minute of
the time. I will take your word that you were an important part of the
Super (Supper in your case <G>) Bowl. I can't imagine that you wouldn't
want to eat cheese for a few months :-) .

I have had go results with that soil mix and would be interested in your
results. I measure by volume rather than  weight so that may be
something to make note of. I experimented with different mixes based on
what I knew the PH and drainage needs were for geraniums and found that
mix put the PH at between 6.0-6.5.
I've use Peters Professional plant food lately. It has high Phosphorus
and Potassium numbers and I mix it 1/2 the recommended strength for
feeding with almost every watering (I miss one or 2 every once in a
Kelp concentrate has gotten quite a bit of press lately and a # of
products are available. Cold water  Kelp has an abundance of trace
minerals as well as 3 or 4 growth hormones that seem to be a great boost
for plants especially to get through time of stress. Some Fruit and
vegetable growers are spraying a solution of the kelp concentrate if
there is a threat of frost and find that it brings the plants through
with flying colors. It also helps to develop increase root growth.
I use Maxicrop wettable powder which seems to be the most economical way
to buy it. (I order mine through Planet Natural of Bozeman, Mt. 1-800-
289-6656 for catalog) unless I can find larger quantifies for a better
price. It can be used as a foliar spray but I don't use it that way much
and I really wouldn't recommend you using it that way either as I have
noticed my dog being attracted to the scent ;-) . When I repot or
transplant any of my plants, I put 1/4 teaspoon  mixed in the soil
around the root zone. About 3 times during the spring and summer I water
with the ratio that is recommended on the container.

I do let all my plant outside for the spring and summer and fall until
it the temps begin to drop to mid 40's.
Very nice poem hopefully it looks good to you when you come down from
the Cheese high. :-)

Well that's all for now. Will TTYL,

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