Re: [IGS] Reformed Cheeseheads :-)


Having spent the remainder of SupperBowl weekend grooming and potting up my
angels, drinking lots of water and eating lots of saltines, I can assure you
that I have reformed.  I ran across a nubbin of cheddar in the fridge the
other day while searching for another Sprite, and shuddered with the same
revulsion I normally save for especially large spiders.  I did restrain myself
from hurling it onto the kitchen floor and beating it with my shoe, which has
on occasion happened to a spider who invaded my personal space.  I did,
however, wear my "I Survived the Cheddar Bowl" t-shirt to work today and
carried my spiffy cheese hat so I could show my friends.

I'll keep you posted as to how angels perform in your mix out here.


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