Re: [IGS] Windowbox Plantings


How  would you feel about a windowbox that is planted in layers?  If you put
some red blooming zonals in the back, their natural height would be an asset.
Ivies in the front where they could cascade down in a waterfall of leaves and
bloom.  I've had really good luck with one named Harvard in my garden.  It
grows very densely and in the spring is covered with deep red blooms, almost
burgundy, and lots of them.  I mixed in Sybil Holmes and Cindy, which are both
rosebud type flowers and complemented the burgundy flowers on Harvard.  It was
quite striking.  This year I'm going to add L'Elegante, which is a
particularly nice variegated ivy leaf, so that I have year round interest in
the leaves.  It also has a tendency to get pink overtones in the leaves if you
stress it a bit by giving it full sun and not quite enough water.  I was
thinking that if the other ivies start to take over, because they are more
vigorous growers, I'm going to tuck in pots of L'Elegante which will protect
its rootspace and give it more of a chance.

I had been told the Balcon series, and mini Balcons, provide more of a year
round bloom and are ideal for windowbox situations.  I bought one of each and
planted them into baskets, but the darn dog ate them and I'm going to have to
get more and hang them in the pool area rather than by the back door where I
had them.

I grew the ivies when I lived in Michigan with no problems, and they do well
in California during the cooler weather in the fall, winter and spring.  I'm
not quite sure what sort of weather you have though, so if you could post the
basics on your weather, it would help.

Switching topics here, do they have angels available in your area?  They might
also be known as mini-regals, pansy faced or decoratives.


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