Re: [IGS] Painted Ladies?

Dale Neil writes:

>In the Deerwood catalog, I found a whole list of Snow White and the 7
>dwarfs of which 'Dopey' was listed. There was one listed as 'Sneezy'
>that sounds like it could qualify as a Painted Lady by your
>description. Also found 'Cherrio' listed under in the garden zonal list
>of the same catalog.

It is good to learn that 'Cheerio' and 'Dopey' and 'Sneezy' are still
available; they are nice varieties.  The "red" in 'Cheerio' and 'Dopey' as
actually on the light side -- not so light that I would describe it as
"coral", but definitely not the spectral RED red that we (and the rest of
the world) so often associate with geraniums.  The red in 'Souvenir de
Mirande' is a very cheerful color, perhaps light carmine?  In past times I
might have described it as "lipstick red" but of course lipsticks nowadays
include eggplant and gunmetal shades so the term is not very descriptive,
if it ever was.  There is definitely the appearance of some lavender as the
large white center passes toward the deeper outer part of the petal,
perhaps an optical efffect as much as a pigment feature.  The total effect,
with flowers freely borne on a compact plant, just crackles!  (And I think,
if I remember right, that 'Cheerful' is/was the name of a Holmes Miller
variety in this color class.  Appropriate!)

It would be a shame if 'Fantasy' were not still also available, somewhere.
This Holmes Miller standard zonal has/had a stunning and subtle blend of
purplish red that I never saw in any other cultivar and large, beautifully
formed flowers.

Barry Roth

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