Re: [IGS] Painted Ladies?

DALE NEIL wrote:
> >Naked Ladies are Amaryllis belladonna.
> >They send up a beautiful pink flower before any foliage appears.
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> Thanks for suggestion but I think I'm looking for information about a
> type of geranium.
> Welcome to the IGS Robin and feel free to contribute more. Sounds
> like you might have background and interest that would contribute to
> good discussions.
> Warm Regards,
> Dale Neil (Zone 5 ILL)

Opps.  So sorry.
Yes, I have numerous pels of various kinds, and one in particular I have
sent to a tissue culture lab for propogation.  It is Pelargonum
'Gemini'.  Off the top of my head, I beleive it is a stellar.  The
petals on the top of the floret go straight up and are colored in such a
way as to remind one of fire licking upward.  A VERY attrative plant
that sells out every year.
I've never had great success at selling the novelty geraniums, so have
relagated them to my private plant collection (for now). However, now
that I've progressed from selling at a Farmers Market to owning a 4 acre
nursery and commercial greenhouse, I may try it again someday.  They are
certainly under-rated for ornamental value.
The Greenhouse Nursery
81 S. Bagley Creek Road & Hwy 101
Port Angeles, WA  98362
(360) 417-2664
Zone 8

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