Re: [IGS] Back issues of Geraniums Around the World & Index of Articles

Hedgehug wrote:
> Diane,
> If you think you're going to end up buying all of the back issues, you might
> want to inquire if there is a different price for the entire set vs buying
> them piecemeal.
> I was going to work on an index of all the articles for my own use, and hoped
> to get it done in the next couple months.  Once I do, I'll see if I can scan
> the index into a format acceptable to be sent out over the Robin.  If not, I
> could probably e-mail it to you directly.  Or failing that, snail mail.  (I'll
> also be giving a copy to the IGS President, Carol Roller, so she has it
> available if others would like to get a copy and aren't linked into the
> Robin.)
> Cindi

Hi, Cindi!  Thanks for two great ideas!  How did you know I was secretly
hoping to get all the back issues<G>, but thought there would only be a
few available??
I would definately like a copy of the index when you are done. What
a large effort to undertake.  Oh, what we will do for the love of plants
and information <BG>.  Maybe, with the help of your index, if back issues
were not available and someone was interested in just one article it
could be copied (reproduced, reprinted-unsure of correct term) for a
small fee.
Thanks again!

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