[IGS] Painted Ladies and Shady Hill

Hi Dale and all,

Really appreciated the explanation of the anachronisms.  It will be a
big help to me in reading e-mail.

Painted Ladies are mostly single pelargoniums with a large white eye.
Apple Blossom, Alice of Vincennes, Staplegrove Fancy and Ann Southern
are some of the varieties I have grown.  They are white-centered flowers
with various colors of pink and red on the edges of the petals, with the
lower petals having more color than the upper petals.  The flowers are
very lovely, but for me they did not bloom as abundantly as some of the
more popular zonals.  But, it was worth the wait.

Another interesting category are Birds Egg Geraniums which have speckled
flowers, also very lovely.  The Rosebuds are also very beautiful.  The
double flowers do not open all the way, and therefore resemble rosebuds.
These varieties are some of my favorites, but they do not seem to bloom
as profusely as standard zonals.

Along the way, I have lost the various plants that I have grown, mostly
in trying to winter them over.  And the greenhouse I where purchased
them, does not carry them any more.


You mentioned wanting to visit Shady Hill in Batavia, IL.  I try to get
out there once a year, in April or very early May.  It is about 1-1/4
hour drive from my house.  I go in May because they supply geraniums to
a number of plant sales in the area and these are usually held in
mid-May.  I feel that they would have a larger selection before they
supply the plant sales.  Since I don't get out there at other times of
the year, I don't know for sure.  They don't carry as many of the older,
more unusual pelargoniums as they used to, but they have a nice
selection of scented leaves,  fancy leaves, tulip flowered and what they
call novelties.  They also have a nice selection of herbs and flowering
plants for the garden.  It probably would be 30 to 45 minute drive from
O'Hare airport.  You could call them and ask if they had what you are
looking for.  I am looking at an old (1988) catalog, and they say hours
in Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct. are by appointment only.  Don't know if
that still holds true.   Phone number is 630-879-5665.

Esther D.

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