[IGS] Elizabeth and Cindi---

Vince Gambino
Rome, Italy

Elizabeth in Westchester County.

Thank you for the message.

Ya gotta believe it sometimes.  If you come over here you are welcome to
drop by.
If you want an idea on the hospitality here, call Fred and Ellie in
Scarsdale, at SC 3-0371.  Say hello for me.  They visited here several
times.  Ellie went to Nursing School at Lenox Hill Hospital (NYC) with my
wife.  I have been  listed in the Compuserve Directory for at least three
years now.

Before retiring I had a lot of fun here with that last name.  Judge in
Palermo, Sicily told me I was the only Gambino walking around the
courthouse there without handcuffs on.

Kidding aside, I am just now getting into geraniums and don't know a thing
about them except that, intuitively, I like them.  When I travel in Italy,
especially Southern Italy, the geraniums are displayed in all their glory,
in  gardens,  windows boxes. etc.
I live in an apartment on Via Sistina, no terrace, just a narrow balcony
facing the courtyard.  Balcony is rather drab and needs some color.  I
thought geraniums would be ideal.  Not knowing anything about them, I had a
gardener come in to plant a bunch in boxes.  Following year I pulled them
all out since they were a big disappointment to me.  Not enough blooms to
make the watering worthwhile.  The gardener told me that the lack of
sufficient blooms was caused by a disease of unspecified origin.  I think
he put in a bunch of junk which he bought at a discount.  He went out with
the sick geraniums.

Weather here is hardly ever at the freezing point, but sometimes it may dip
below freezing for a few hours.  Summer temperatures are usually around 75
to 85 F with some days in July and August as high as 95.  July and August
are particularly dry months but watering is not a problem.  Over watering
can be a problem during the rain season, November,  then January through
April.  During June through September they plants would get at least 8
hours of direct sun.

Cindi made some good suggestions but now I need some catalogs to see what
the various suggestions look like.  I would appreciate any addresses to
write for catalogs.   Mailing is no problem since I can have mail forwarded
to me from the US.

CINDI - You asked about Angels around here.  Since I do not know what they
look like, I cannot give you an answer.  I know there are suppose to be a
lot of  Angels, etc. around the Vatican, but I am not sure they in the
geranium family.

I guess that is enough corn for one evening.  Thanks to all who replied to
my request for info.


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