Re: [IGS] Balcon "Geraniums"

Dear Vince:

Lots of travellers coming back here from Europe want to know what the
window box "geraniums" are that bloom so profusely.  They are Balcon
Series which grow 5-6 feet in a season.  I send all inquiries to Wheeler
Farm Gardens, William and Evelyn Larson, 171 Bartlett Street, Portland
CT  06480.  Tel. # Toll Free 1-888-GERANIUM (437-2648) or
1-860-342-2374. I can't help you with suppliers in Europe, although if
they are grown there, there must be some.  Mr. and Mrs. Larson also have
an Intermediate Cascade Series at 3 1/2 feet, and a Minicascade Series
at 2 feet. Their shipments arrive in good condition, and I have heard no

Hope that is at least a beginning.

Geraniaceae Nursery

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