Re: [IGS] Painted Ladies?

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Diana,

P 'Gemini' sounds interesting. what exactly goes into culturing a plant?
I have heard that when culturing hostas anyway, some charactersistics of
the parent plant don't come through to every plant created. I don't know
if I understood it right or not. I heard this in relation to a
discussion on the generic hostas that are appearing commercially that
are labled "variegated hosta' without telling what cultivar it might be.

> I've never had great success at selling the novelty geraniums, so have
> relagated them to my private plant collection (for now). However, now
> that I've progressed from selling at a Farmers Market to owning a 4
> nursery and commercial greenhouse, I may try it again someday.  They
> certainly under-rated for ornamental value.

Well it does seem that there is a renewed interest in the plants <G>.
I'ld say "go for it" :-) .


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