Re: [IGS] Painted Ladies and Shady Hill

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Esther,
Glad you could use the anachronism list.
Ahhh.. new names to hone in on. I will have to look up these and see if
I can find them. Faye Brawner does list a 'Fantasie' in the dwarf
listing but from the description she gives, (double white) it doesn't
sound like aa painted lady. She also lists Apple Blossom, Ann Southern,
and Staplegrove Fancy. I haven't looked at other catalogs yet.
Birds Eggs sound interesting but I have to decide if I want to add a new
room onto my house or not in order to hold all that I want <G>.
Love rosebuds. I only have Appleblossom Rosebud (one of my favorites)
and one called Wedding Royale (gold leaf, red blossom) .
Thanks for your listing other names. If I run across any other sources
for some of them I will let you know.

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