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> Date: Tuesday, 27-Jan-98 01:39 AM Hi Barry,

> It is good to learn that 'Cheerio' and 'Dopey' and 'Sneezy' are still
> available; they are nice varieties.  The "red" in 'Cheerio' and
'Dopey' as
> actually on the light side -- not so light that I would describe it as

Interesting you should say that since Faye Brawner describes  'Dopey' as
being "coral" . 'Sneezy' is described as "light red"  and 'Cherrio' as
"salmon coral"  If 'Souvenir de Mirande" has a lavender tint to it, I
would like to get a closer look at it. I have a Zonal called 'Aurora'
which is a Double medium purple that I really like. It is supposed to
have a white eye but I have trouble seeing it in the one that I have.

> as "lipstick red" but of course lipsticks nowadays include eggplant
> gunmetal shades so the term is not very descriptive, if it ever was.
There is
<chuckle> I have 2 teenage daughters who have gone through so many
colors that amaze me both in lipstick/gloss and fingernail polish so I
can relate to that observation.

Holmes Miller? hmmmm.... I feel pretty ignorant when people start
talking about breeders. What can you tell me about Miller? Do you know
if he is still active?

Well I better get done here and call it a day.

Take care,

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