Re: [IGS] Balcon "Geraniums"

Robin, many thanks.  I have ordered Balcon geraniums from Morgan-Thompson's
seed and plant catalog for quite a few years, but unless ordered early, the
company runs out of supplies fast.

This year, I have tried cuttins the "Jamie Gossard" way--using OASIS--but
have had only about 2-3 out of 50 make roots.  Each year I overwinter my
flower boxes in my unheated garage during harsh Ohio winters, and all but
those farthest from the small garage door windors do survive.
Overwintering them in grocery bags, which other varieties can manage, does
not work for the Balcon series.

Gisela Meckstroth, Reynoldsburg, OHio

I have a jpg file available for anyone who would like to see my two Balcon
geranium boxes (and for anyone who can open an attached file).

> From: Robin Parer <geraniac@PACBELL.NET>
> Subject: Re: [IGS] Balcon "Geraniums"
> Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 12:50 PM
> Dear Vince:
> Lots of travellers coming back here from Europe want to know what the
> window box "geraniums" are that bloom so profusely.  They are Balcon
> Series which grow 5-6 feet in a season.  I send all inquiries to Wheeler
> Farm Gardens, William and Evelyn Larson, 171 Bartlett Street, Portland
> CT  06480.  Tel. # Toll Free 1-888-GERANIUM (437-2648) or
> 1-860-342-2374. I can't help you with suppliers in Europe, although if
> they are grown there, there must be some.  Mr. and Mrs. Larson also have
> an Intermediate Cascade Series at 3 1/2 feet, and a Minicascade Series
> at 2 feet. Their shipments arrive in good condition, and I have heard no
> complaints.
> Hope that is at least a beginning.
> Robin
> Geraniaceae Nursery
> California

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