[IGS] Re[2]: [IGS] Painted Ladies?

Dale Neil writes:

>Interesting you should say that since Faye Brawner describes  'Dopey'
>as being "coral" . 'Sneezy' is described as "light red"  and 'Cherrio'
>as "salmon coral"  If 'Souvenir de Mirande" has a lavender tint to it,
>I would like to get a closer look at it. I have a Zonal called 'Aurora'
>which is a Double medium purple that I really like. It is supposed to
>have a white eye but I have trouble seeing it in the one that I have.

Ahh, Dale--one person's "coral" is another one's "light red" <big grin>!
 The perception and description/communication of flower color is a
complex topic and might make an interesting thread here sometime.  I
have some opinions, but it's kind of late in the evening to get into

Your mention of 'Aurora' triggers another memory -- I think I grew a
Painted Lady variety by that name, but it was a single with quite a bit
of purple dotting and veining across the petal:  unusual.  I also know
the double purple 'Aurora' you mention, but for me, likewise, it didn't
have much white in the center.

>Holmes Miller? hmmmm.... I feel pretty ignorant when people start
>talking about breeders. What can you tell me about Miller? Do you know
>if he is still active?

I believe he died around 1970.  Perhaps someone else here on the robin can
give the exact date.

As a young man, eagerly interested in collecting and hybridizing "geraniums",
I showed up one day at Miller's combined home and nursery in Los Altos,
California; it must have been around 1969.  When he learned of my interest and
saw that I had a smattering of biology, he took me out back to his propagating
area and talked to me for several hours about growing and breeding zonals.

I bought a few plants from him that day, then went home and wrote down as much
as I could remember of what he had said.

Some months later I paid another visit, but the fount was dry:  Holmes Miller
had passed away.  I will always think it was wonderful that this man gave so
freely of his time and experience to some young guy he had just met.  But I
believe this was part of his nature.  His wife, Dorothea, whom I later came to
know slightly, once said, "My husband was never greedy for anything, except

Maybe someone who has grown some of his varieties recently can step in here and
report on them?


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