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> Date: Wednesday, 28-Jan-98 10:36 AM
Hi Gisela,
Welcome to the IGS Robin and thanks for sharing some things. I had not
realized that T& M had the Balcon geraniums. I just put an order into
them, and I must have overlooked that. Temporary insanity I guess <BG>.

> This year, I have tried cuttins the "Jamie Gossard" way--using OASIS--
but have
> had only about 2-3 out of 50 make roots.  Each year I overwinter my
> boxes in my unheated garage during harsh Ohio winters, and all but
> farthest from the small garage door windors do survive. Overwintering
them in
> grocery bags, which other varieties can manage, does not work for the
> series.

What is the "Jamie Gossard" way  and what is OASIS? That really doesn't
sound toooo successful to me. Is that garage you overwinter you window
boxes in, an attached garage? It must be because I can't imagine
geraniums making it through a zone 5 winter in my garage that is a ways
from the house.

>Lieber Herr Kleidfels!

>Haben Sie Gelegenheit gehabt Herrn Matthias Thomsen-Stork von der
deutschen >Staudengesellschaft--und letztlich von dem American
Hemerocallis Society's >Robin-on-the-Net--kennenzulernen?

Nuts. Just when I thought I was understanding this internet stuff ;-) .
Could you say that again? Maybe a little slower will help <G>.

Oh BTW, Would you send me a copy of that JPG file you were offering.
Thanks a bunch.


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