Re: [IGS] Re[3]: [IGS] Painted Ladies?

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --


Thank you for relating that story of your meeting Holmes Miller and
family. It can be so edifying to be taken through as a friend to someone
like that. He probably loved to share his love for the plants to someone
as sincerely interested as you.

> Ahh, Dale--one person's "coral" is another one's "light red" <big
>  The perception and description/communication of flower color is a
> topic and might make an interesting thread here sometime.  I have some
> opinions, but it's kind of late in the evening to get into them.

I think you are right in thinking that it would be an interesting topic
of discussion. As you were, I am now at the end of a very long day so it
probably is not the best time. I look at charts and descriptions of
colors and wonder at times how subjective color perception could be. I
guess there could be some eye training like one that is involved in the
Fine Arts might have but it seems that even a change of lighting could
change the way a person sees shades.

Time to close the day but i enjoy the discussion..


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