[IGS] Shady Hill and Chicago Weather

What a fascinating letter - enjoyed reading it immensely.  Thanks for
reminding me that it is summer in Australia, and that your shady side is
on the south.  We are having rain today and the temperature is about 35
degrees F., (we have had a somewhat warm winter) and it is threatening
to snow and maybe freezing rain.  We are in zone 5 here in Chicago
(State of Illinois) and our usual temperatures range from about 15
degrees F. below zero to about 100 degrees F. in the summer.  The
coldest I remember here was 30 degrees F. below zero about 15 years ago,
and the warmest was 2 summers ago when it reached 106 degrees F.  It was
like an oven outside, very oppressive.  My jasmines loved it!  Our
weather is tempered by Lake Michigan (on the east).  The lake keeps us a
few degrees warmer in the fall when frost threatens (due to the air
cooling off faster than the water), and a few degrees cooler in the
summer when it gets very hot.

Dale, Thanks for the hours for Shady Hill.  Our area codes were changed
a few years ago, and area code 630 was instituted in August of 1996.
Shady Hill's area code is now 630 (not 708).  (630-879-5665).

Oasis is a Styrofoam-like material that is used by florists when they
make floral arrangements.  It is taped (usually) into a container and
the flowers are stuck into it to hold them into position.  It absorbs
water so keeps the flowers moist.  I have also heard that it could be
used to start fern spores the same way one would use a brick for this
purpose.  That is, sprinkle spores on top, moisten with water, and
enclose in plastic bag.

Enjoying the discussions,

Esther D.

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