Re: [IGS] Night Scented Pelargoniums

Dear Esther:

You are right about the Night Scented Pelargoniums not being winter
hardy, i.e., reliably hardy under 32 degrees F.  Or at least that is
what we think. Light frost would just damage the above ground leaves and
flowering stems.  If the tubers freeze in the ground, that puts an end
to the plant. I usually recommend that they be placed in a heated
greenhouse, or light bright (but not very hot) room in the house until
the weather at night outside gets into the high 30's or low 40's.

The scent is quite strong.  In an enclosed space, its easy to smell.
Outside you have to smell the flower.

I do mail order plants. My website is:  The information for contacting
me is there.

Dale mentioned, and I should reiterate, that the IGS through its Seed
Exchange carries seed of some of these plants.  They are easy to
germinate, and very interesting to grow.

Geraniaceae Nursery

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