Re: [IGS] Night scented seeds?

Dear Dale:

You are doing a great job as a host. It seems like there are lots of new
people, and much interesting discussion.

You are right about the IGS Seed Center offering seed of the Night
Scented pelargoniums.  P. gibbosum, P. radulifolium, and P. triste are
all easy to grow.  Once you have one of each growing you can propagate
them vegetatively, also.  P. gibbosum doesn't really have a tuber, but
it can be propagated by chopping the flowering stem with its swollen
leaf nodes into pieces, including one node with each division. Put them
in a small container, the same way up as they were growing, with the
node about 2 inches under the soil. They will root readily within a
couple of months. The other two can be propagated by division of the

They're weird but wonderful; just another group of plants in what is
really an extraordinary plant family.

Geraniaceae Nursery

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