Re: [IGS] Night scented seeds?and E.'charm' update

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

> Dear Dale:
> You are doing a great job as a host. It seems like there are lots of
> people, and much interesting discussion.

Thanks Robin. I have been trying to think of things to encourage
discussion and many times they are things that I would like to know and
discuss also. I am enjoying the discussions and glad to hear you are too

> You are right about the IGS Seed Center offering seed of the Night
> pelargoniums.  P. gibbosum, P. radulifolium, and P. triste are all
easy to
> grow.  Once you have one of each growing you can propagate them
> also.  P. gibbosum doesn't really have a tuber, but it can be
propagated by
> chopping the flowering stem with its swollen leaf nodes into pieces,
> one node with each division. Put them in a small container, the same
way up as
> they were growing, with the node about 2 inches under the soil. They
will root
> readily within a couple of months. The other two can be propagated by
> of the tubers.
> They're weird but wonderful; just another group of plants in what is
really an
> extraordinary plant family.

This is a fascinating family of plants isn't it. :-)  To think that when
I was a youngster, I did like the idea of having scented geraniums
growing but really did not like the scent of regular zonals that my
neighbors grew in their large planters. Now I have a 3 year old Wilhelm
Langguth growing under lights in my finished attic among other zonals,
ivies, scenteds, etc.....
Looks like I might be sending off for more seeds from the IGS.

Oh, almost forgot. We are having a lengthy thaw so I pulled back some of
the mulch to peek at Erodium 'Charm' . It was just sitting there,
silvery green as ever. Looks like it was just waiting for the spring
sunshine. We still have another month of winter around here but the
weather people are saying that our worst days have probably passed, and
while we have had abundant moisture levels, it has only been below 0 F
one night that I can remember. That is very unusual for around here when
it can easily get to 10-15 below sometime. I figured that even the zero
temp that we have had and the moiture would probably do the Erodiums in
but so far so good.

How your weather is good out there. We are enjoy some sunshime for a


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