Re: [IGS] Letter from OZ.(Australia)

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Yes, I second what Esther has written. Thank you for that wonderful
message. I know for a long time in these parts, it was the Universities
and government offices that had the internet access but now it is really
widespread. Hopefully, that development will be coming your way soon. I
have seen a map of the servers that are available in Australia and see
quite abit of development going on.

The numbers are climate regions. The smaller the number, the shorter the
growing season. In the continental US there are some small spots that
are zone 2 and even 1 in the far north where the lowest temps can be -30
to -40 degrees F all the way up to zone 11 in there far south where it
will rarely get below 40 degrees F . In my Zone 5 (Rock Island, Illinois
on the Mississippi River) , It normally can drop to -15 and even to -20
degrees F but this year are having what I consider a Zone 7 winter with
a rare occurrence ot 0 degrees F. They say El Nino has something to do
with that as it is affecting a lot of things in the world these days. I
wouldn't be all that surprised if "global warming" is affecting the
zones more also.
I hope you have eradicated those ants and root mealy bugs. I hate to
resort to chemicals because I seem to be allergic to so many of them but
if that is the only way to take care of a problem like that, I guess we
need to take advantage of it.
Do let me know how if you use that garlic idea sometime and how it works
for you. It sounds a little unorthodox but I read about it once and it
does seem to help control fungus growth as well as some bacteria. I have
also read of people using compost tea spray lately. I would think that
it would have fungus spores that you wouldn't want but evidently it has
certain antifungal and antibacterial properties by some of the
beneficial organism that grow in it as well.
Let me encourage you with the Kelp. I have found that it is next to
amazing at how it encourages growth and protects from stress.

I never thought before that our south side would be your north side as
far as sunlight and shade go. That's what I like about these internet
groups. It helps us to get much more of a global sense of what is going

You have quite a collection there. Your Ivies must look marvelous in
those cages. I can understand if you are having trouble keeping up with
it all at times. I really am thinking of only taking cuttings this fall
of all but a few favorites and keeping them in 4-5 inch pots over the
winter. Right now, I  I have a finished attic full of large pots
underlight and tucked in around the windows. It can be a bit of work at

Well I need to call it a day. Maybe I will look see something in your
message later to comment on (it's a nice one to reread) but for now ....

Glad to hear you are well. Hopefully the fires will stay away. Must be
something to see a Eucalyptus tree explode. I hear some of the pines in
the states can do the same but I haven't witnessed it.


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