Re: [IGS] Evergreen Hardies

Hello Dale:

I just wanted to reply to your note on the evergreen hardy geraniums.  I
live and work in Zone 9b.  Geranium sanguineum is always dormant here in
the winter in  containers, but will retain old flowering stems, and some
basal leaves in the garden.  I should make the distinction between
plants that grow in the garden and plants that grow in nursery
containers.  Garden plants are often not cut back, and the soil
temperature fluctuations are less than they would be in a container, so
plants will be green, but certainly not in growth. Nursery container
plants are cut back and cleaned up in the fall.  No new growth is made
until the spring.  G. farreri becomes totally dormant here, with no
help.   The seeds of G. farreri and other species are available from the
Geraniaceae Group in England, or occasionally from the IGS Seed Center.
They are both very good societies, and deserve the attention of everyone
who loves the Geranium Family.

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