Re: [IGS] Reply to Cindi

> From: Joan Steele <shakaskraal@ONE.NET.AU>
> Subject: Reply to Cindi
> Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 1:29 PM
> Angels. ....    I don't know anyone who grows then here in the west.
> They would have to come from the east and the only source I can think of
> is Marj Edwards.   I know she is not accredited to send overseas but as
> you have a friend over there maybe something could be arranged between
> her and Marj.
> I don't think you would have any chance of getting plants out of the
> country.  I think that Faye only took cuttings,  not sure though.


Hi there.  There is no problem getting plant material OUT of Australia.
Only Australian endemics. Also importing is very expensive.
Cuttings are the easiest and cheapest means to handle as you can pack
considerably more cuttings in a parcel than plants.   I helped Faye obtain
her certificate to inable her to IMPORT her cuttings.  If you need any help
just give me a note and I can help organize it for you.
Could organize the purchase of the cuttings for you if you wish.
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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