[IGS] ANTS again

Hi all,

I wrote a help-message about the following I repeat below no one replied
to so here it goes again:
<< Today when I walked into my little conservatory I noticed ANTS - they
are just the harmless little black European wood variety BUT I DO NOT
WANT THEM mixing with my Pellies! So any one out there having advice?
The glass house is partly "underground" so one side is a big part of
earth in direct contact to the outside world. I use it to root cuttings
in mainly now. I suspect they have a nest of some kind below the
earth... Any one out there knowing a mean to apply that will remove the
ants but won't hurt the plants?
Thanx in advance! >>

They are still there and obviously enjoy themselves much...
We are rather ant-tolerant people - in fact we have some in the kitchen,
from an unrelated family in the garden somewhere - there is around 30
meters between kitchen and glass house - and as long as they do not take
over totally I enjoy it seeing a daring one climbing all the way up to
the sugar bowl next to the kitchen sink to steal a bit and bring it home
again. Also the Manx cats around love to play "catch the ant" - meaning
you stand on the floor, see something tiny moving and then splash! put a
foot right on it to squeeze...
But you see - my tolerance ends when they are mingling with my
So PLEASE any one out there - HELP!
Mimy Sluiter
phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501

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