Re: [IGS] Keep it going!!

Ingrid wrote:
> Then let's hear if any of you have anything
> endearing to say about P aridum...? I find
> it to be weedlike, sprawling and downright ugly!
> Smiles from a rainy Sweden!
> Ingrid

Trust you do NOT tell your P. aridum this at all - it might get into a
depressive mood when you talk like that - and of course the rain over
there won't add to his feeling well either...
Perhaps when you'd start telling it you like it and love it, it will
change into a NICE looking plant?
Or if you want to get rid of it, put it in a box and mail it over to
Holland - I am happy to adopt it (can send you something I do not like
much in shape, like a gibbosum (only love the yellow flowers) in
Smiles back from a rainy-too Holland!
Mimy Sluiter

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