Re: [IGS] P. xerophyton

Mimi, your question:

>You do not happen to know anything about ants do you :-)

is not one that has ever been very important to the way I must be growing.
By growing hard and dry the growth is not lush and ants are few and far
between because the aphis that they like to place for subsequent milking
have little plant juice to suck. However, it's easy enough for me to do
this under sunny skies, low humdity and open air. If you are indoors or are
in a propagation tank those conditions are tougher to achieve. If that is
the problem, Sevin dust is the easiest and Cayenne pepper the organic, safe
approach. But, be careful not to inspect your plants too closely! Not a
good idea if you are growing those night-scented types, for instance. An
alternative there is to use a systemic like Isotox to eliminate aphis and
thus limit ants. The ultimate fall back is the old ant-stake. We use them
here around houses in summer. Do you have these in Holland? Apply water,
the ants take in some moisture from the bait above the stake and bring some
back to the nest. That usually kills or reduces the nest population.

I hope one of these works for yoiu. If not let me know. There is an
absolute, sure-fire, safe fall-back method but it takes a bit more space.
If you are prepared to do a little redesign of your propagation pit the
method might work well.

San Diego, California

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