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Diane Elder,
Thanks for the snail mail, recieved last week. Lincoln is very pleased
with the hang gliding brochures.
We are having a very cold wet spell here,  very dreary.
I went out and potted up 20 little plants yesterday and by then I'd 'had
it'.  My legs turn to jelly and I get the shakes.  Still having lots of
pain, but can see improvement when I look back several days.
I'm determined to get to our next  Ger.Society meeting (up one flight of
steps) even if I have to get a driver.    Have 20 odd plants which were
ordered, to deliver, also will take in some more for sale.  The men in
the group will carry them up for me.
It was good to see  your town and where you work. I suppose you're
having lovely fine weather over there.
My plants don't seem to have suffered much while I was away, even though
they got thirsty and were'nt cleaned up for weeks.  Our big show is in
October, so it's time to  sort out plants for exhibition.  Also need to
tell the Society how many we all have for sale by July.
Can't think of any more just now
   best wishes
Western Australia

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