Re: [IGS] late season


I think we are having an uncommonly long bloom period this year too.  I still
have angels in tight bud and full bloom when my notes indicate that last year
I had started pruning them back already.  The Bright Apple Blossom zonal is
still in full bloom too, which is making it tough to get in and out of the

We're putting up a white picket fence on top of the stone wall around the
garden this weekend.  What are you going to be up to?


-- Am debating on whether or not to visit Carol at the Farmers Market on
Saturday ... If I hurry up with the fence painting tomorrow, I could also
prepare the soil for a new batch of herbs.  I want to put in a variety of
thymes and basils as fillers, and the Farmers Market is one of the best places
to pick up mature plants of good size for less than $2 each.

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