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Hi Jip,

Sorry no one has responded to your question yet.

> varieties. Mine is in a 6" pot, perhaps that also keeps it small
(about 7"). My
> problem, however has to do with its flowers. Whenever I see someone
> 'Appleblossom Rosebud' in pictures or so, its flowers look really
luscious and
> blossomlike and the umbels are reaaly fully in bloom. My plant does
flower, but
> the florets never make it to the really 'ball-like state'. Instead
they seem to
> dry out and go brown. I keep my plant indoors, in front of a large
> window. Should I water more or give more fertilizer? Any tips?

I had that problem at first with my ABR and felt really disappointed .
Since, I have taken many  cuttings from the mother plant (in fact I'm
not sure if the original plant tha i had is still living.... hmmmm,,,
seems like it died. ) and they all have been extremely healthy with
robust beautiful blooms. They have gotton quite big (I have them in a
numbe of large planters with other zonals) and even have a tendency to
trail a bit with large stems hanging over the side. I've heard that they
can be trained to make nice topiaries but I haven't tried that with them
yet. Maybe I will try  making them into standards before the summer is
over .
I use a balanced plant food 20-20-20 and something that I feel quite
strongly about using is kelp concentrate. I understand that the best
kelp come from somewhere North of you along the coast of Norway I think.
That is where Maxicrop (which is what I use) gets theirs to turn into
concentrated powder. Kelp in general is loaded with trace minerals as
well as any number of growth hormones that can greatly enhonce plant
health. If it is available to you, I highly recommend it.

Hope this helps and you can enjoy some really nice ABR blooms.


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