Re: [IGS] late season


Glad to hear you agree it is a long season. Just great for pelargoniums,
especially these cool mornings before the sun burns through. It makes them
last much longer and is just like the conditions they expect in South
Africa. With just a little water the regals continue with growth and new
blooms. The impression I get is that extra water does less to extend the
ivy-leaf season than does cooler weather. Hot weather and water just make
them grow too lush and not flower as well. Also, it encourages snails.

You asked:

>We're putting up a white picket fence on top of the stone wall around the
>garden this weekend.  What are you going to be up to?

Half the world seems to be on our freeways at this time of year so I'm not
going to go far. It's basic cleanup and potting-up time. Some of the
cuttings I got at last month's meeting seem to have taken, which surprised
me a little.

Next job is pests - animal type. Something is eating Geranium maderense and
G. cinereum 'Ballerina' and Pel. sidoides. Could be rabbits but they've not
done this before. Could be tree-rats as they like making nests out of soft
material. War has been declared!

San Diego, California

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