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>My Sarcaulon has by far become one of my favorite plants even surpassing my
>new Brighamia. I noticed today the I believe it has begun to set seed. One
>of the flowers has lost all of its petals and has a large growth. How can I
>hand ploinate some of the other flowers.

A small paint brush or a piece of tissue or toilet paper rolled up to form a
small quill can be used to transfer pollen.
I always have used multiple clones but I do think S. vanderietiae will self.
Some of the other Sarcos have not selfed for me.

> Also how can you tell when the
>seeds are ready to be harvested and does the plant shoot off it seeds or
>anything I should be aware of. these may be odd questions but I do not know
>the ones to ask.

The seeds will change color and quickly spiral off into neighboring pots.  I
find that a bit of white glue put on the top of the awl allows the seeds to
mature but keeps them together for easy harvest.

Keep Growing
Pete Liekkio
Seattle Washington

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