[IGS] Angels

Have posted off the U.K. Angels,  and addresses today ,  hope they don't
take to long to get over there.       I have re-read one of your earlier
messages where you said you had some spare copies of exhibition photos.
Yes I would like to see them please.
We have had a rare sunny day here, so I have been tidying up my plants,
also potted up 20 odd for sale at the october exhibition.  It takes such
an effort .. still I guess I'll be better as time goes on.
Any chance of you getting over to Canberra for the Conference?    (Oct
1999)   It would be great to meet some of the IGSrobin people.  Fares
should be very reason able.  We only get 61 cents of your to our dollar
nowdays .. maybe Qantas would have cheaper rates.
   All for now

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