Re: [IGS] Reply to Cindi

Cindi and Alby,

I have just been 'through the mill' in importing plants (Australian
natives) from Australia so I can tell you what I did. First, as Alby said,
a US Import license needs to be obtained. This gets done by sending a Fax
to HQ, USDA in Maryland. I can get you the details offline. Then, a
phytosanitary certificate is needed by the source in Australia. From my
friends there that is also not too painful but don't sit around waiting for
the inspector to show up. The Import label that USDA provides (and I may
have a spare) gets sent to Australia where is is stuck on the outside of
the package which has by then passed the Phyto cert test.
There should not be any difficulty with pelargoniums as they are not on any
endangered or any weedy plantlist (unless you include Erodiums) but if you
were bringing in something with, for instance,  a citrus or a cotton-family
background the alarms would go off and the differences between states show
up. All that is taken care off in getting the Import License and checking
with the local USDA Office. Not too hard but it takes a bit of time and

San Diego, California

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