Re: [IGS] Sidoides


My Sidoides hasn't set seeds yet, but is still in bloom.  I'll keep a close
eye on it and capture the seeds for you after they are ... ripe?  Maybe I
should say, mature?  Whatever.

While out shopping today I found some pretty geranium cards that are that
silvery foil stuff that shimmers and changes color depending on the angle from
while you look at it.  I bought an extra one for you, and hope to send off
your box by Wednesday at the latest.

Picked up a book from the library sale table by the National Geographic
entitled "Suprising Lands Down Under" all about Australia and New Zealand,
which I'm taking to work to read on my lunch hours.  Lots of gorgeous
pictures, but none of geraniums.   I also inquired at the local AAA about maps
and guidebooks, but they weren't able to help me.  I think another trip to the
library is imminent.

What more can you tell me about the upcoming geranium event?


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