[IGS] Conference

Details for the International Conference in Canberra;-
  Will be held in October 1999  and will run from Sat. 23rd to Mon.
25th.  after that there will be at least one bus trip to a 'geranium'
The venue is    The theaterette at Becker House ,     Academy of Science
Building  ... known as the dome..
The convenor is     Mrs Diana O'Brien,   98 Anzac Park,   Campbell,
ACT 2612.
                              Tel & fax   (02) 62480649.
                               I think from over ther you would have to
leave the first   0   off.
The  fee at the last conference I think was $50 ... maybe Alby will
correct me on that.
I have heard that bookings may be limited, however I'm sure they'll fit
someone from Us in!
I think there are at least 2 coming from over there
Re accomodation .. I don't have much of an idea.  I think in Melbourne
we paid about $30 per night for a 2 bedroom place.     Alby is a lot
closer to that area and may  have an idea.  I have only been to Canberra
once and that was 20 years ago.
When we went to Melbourne Marj Edwards was able to suggest a place, so
the West Aussies stayed where she and her family were.   I'm sure
someone over there will come up with some suggestions closer to the
You have Marj's latest catalogue, so that should help with your
orders.   I don't know if Alby intends using Georyl, but at least that
catalogue will give you an idea of what we have here.  The othe
catalogue I sent (Buds & Blooms)  is in NSW .. not so close to Alby.
When we visited Marj's nursery, we took a 2 hour train trip to the north
of Melbourne.
Re sidoides .. I realised after I sent the message that it is a
Pelargonium .. not Geranium,  but that's the one I'm after anyway ...
hope yours has some seeds.
The geranium card sounds nice.  They are few and far between here, but
I'm always looking out for them.
Hope you can learn more about our country.   If I was coming from US, I
think I would make a trip all  up the east coast to Cairns (one of my
favourite places) as well .  As you can see by the map, I am a long way
from the east coast .. look for Perth, I am about 20 kms east of
there.     It's about $500 - $600 air fare over  east ..(you would get
it a lot cheaper when booking with an international flight). However  I
would be happy to have you stay , should you decide on coming west.
For the conference you would need to get a flight into Sydney  and then
a local flight to Canberra ... it's not far.
Must get a move on ..  having visitors soon.
  best wishes

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