Re: [IGS] keeping it going

>With your compaints about the straggly appearance of P. aridum a week or so
>ago I was wondering if perhaps the long days up there had an effect on the
>plant. No beauty perhaps but maybe not helped by the very long growing
>hours. I know of some extraordinary behavior seen in summer in Alaska at 60
>N. Do you find it difficult to handle other plants that are more used to
>shorter year-round days and a blazing, overhead sun?
>San Diego, California


My two plants are in fact alive and one is even flowering! Yellow flower
with a hint of a red throat...hmm...I thought P aridum might look better
than my two weeds :-) do..but then I do get 'weedy' ones..( Crassula
sarcocaulis is another example)
I get away with keeping most C&S and Pelargoniums dormant during Winter (
+8C)...and I am not too good with the Wintergrowing Pelargoniums..but I
always try :-)
But I don't think plants behave extraordinarily here...a few might grow a
little more elongated ..and the pachycaul types are perhaps a teensy bit
less pachycaul  and a bit leaner.

Most plants grow either in Spring or late Summer / Autumn for me, so I
extend the Autumn season with artificial lights..which is paramount for the
development of seedlings before Winter. At the end of October, beginning of
>November, the Winter rest starts in earnest with two weeks or so of
letting them get used to it.
And I manage to grow a few fat strongly spined Ferocactus, and a few nice
pachycaul Pels too :-)

Which brings me to one of my fav Pels..P cotyledonis. I have never managed
to get mine to flower and they are treated as Summer growers...sowed mine
in '95 and '96. Two '96 are currently stone asleep but alive....?

Any tricks to get it to flower? Maybe I keep it too cold during Winter????

Blazing overhead sun?? Send it here...pronto!!!



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