[IGS] Michiels nursery visit

Hi all,

Today we visited the open weekend of the Michiels nursery in Belgium.
The Belgian P&G club had also a nice exibition there displaying many
beautiful plants - Pelargonium and Geranium and Erodium cvs and species
and also 15 different Sarcocaulons and a Monsonia speciosa (not
flowering though). It was a pity that they could not have a cuttings
sale but that was perhaps understandable since of course also the
nursery had plants for sale.
Of course I could not leave without some plants so am happy I found a
lovely variegated leafed P. acetosum as well as a gorgeous large
abundantly flowering scented P. "Welling" (only 90 Belgian Francs, which
is 5 Dutch guilders or 2 1/2 US dollars) and some more...
The nursery is very wellstocked with many cvs and species though perhaps
a bit Belgian tasted with a lot of big flowering zonals with the typical
shocking pinks and flashing reds they perhaps like more over there than
we like here in Holland. Also there were some of the newest
PAC-cultivars for sale - they are known for their commercial value as
many people like that kind of plants and flowers (I have one and I think
that will stay the only one around here :-))) ).
All the categories how ever were represented from scenteds to angels to
uniques to stellars to zonals to regals to angels etc.
Unfortunately the catalogs were sold out just before we arrived...
They are situated at: Kruisstraat 51, B-2500 Lier-Koningshooikt,
Belgium, phone: +32-3-4822562 / fax: +32-3-4820214
Bye for now,
Mimy Sluiter
phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501

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